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Date Released:  2010-10-15
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This might have been the most highly anticipated video of the trip. By the time Tanner had made it to the house, all the boys had a good look at his pictures and they couldn't wait to break this 18 year old in. Tanner told us that he really came on the trip so that he could expand his boundaries. Well I decided what better way to expand them than a 9 inch cock attached to a dominant top.

Tanner jump in the pool one of the hot afternoons that we were there. Haigan saw him out there and called us so that we could take advantage of situation. Haigan threw off his shorts and jump in the pool and started to swim naked with Tanner. Tanner saw us follow him out with our cameras so he knew that the time had finally cum.

After they played with each other for a while in the pool, they both stood up and started to kiss. Haigan just towered over Tanner and Haigan's muscles just totally engulfed Tanner's body. They were both immediately into it as Haigan took control and put Tanner on his knees so suck his cock. Tanner was rock hard as he swallowed Haigan's big fat 9 inch cock.

Haigan was rock hard and wet from Tanner's mouth so he bent Tanner over the edge of the pool and shoved his cock into Tanner's virgin hole. Tanner let out an "oh fuck" as he moaned with painful pleasure. At one point, Haigan can't hold it together from the painful moans of Tanner and he starts laughing. That wasn't the end of it though. Haigan goes to town on Tanners tight hairy hole. He fucked little Tanner for so long that Tanner's hole was stretched to its' max. Haigan finishes this off by shooting a huge load of cum about 3 feet into the pool and all over Tanner's ripped abs..

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