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Rob Rodin is famous for his amateur bareback parties, that is why they call him the Load Master. This video is a compilation of four different parties that Rob held in Louisville KY. Starring everyday regular guys, that turns into sex pigs when you put a raw hot hole in front of them.
Party #1 Aiden Krew is the star attraction at Rob Rodin's first Louisville BareBack Party. Aiden gets fucked by Rob and four other party pigs. Aiden's tight little twink ass makes everyone cum. Rob Rodin loves black boy ass! After Rob is fucked and bred by hot anonymous black boy Dee, he flips Dee and fucks him full of creamy thick cum. Rob sucks the cum out of Dee's ass and spits it back on his cock so he can shove that load in there one more time.
Party # 2 Rob Rodin invites five masked bareback sex pigs to his hotel room. Rob and four other hung tops fuck the lucky pig bottom. The masked bottom takes two huge black cocks up his hole. Then he's filled with Rob's huge cum load. When the others see the cum, it's an all out fuck fest. All four guys and the bottom cum at the same time.
Party # 3 Rob Rodin and his buddy Kev take turns fucking already cum filled bottom Steller Widen. Steller's hole loves cum and Rob and Kev give it what it wants. First Kev shoots his load into Steller's already filled hole, then Rob finishes it off with a huge cum shot of his own. Steller's ass is so full of cum it shoots out of him every time Rob thrusts his cock up his ass.
Party # 4 It's another hotel party, but this time Rob Rodin invites his favorite Louisville Daddies to fuck his twink sex slave Damien Drake. Rob doesn't know who to fuck first. He is so into Muscle Daddy Donner and Damien he ends up fucking them both. Sir Rick knows what he wants and that's Damien's cute boy mouth and ass. Thick cocked black top Kev makes another appearance to give Damien a cum facial.

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