STORY: Apprentice BasingerCHAPTER 2: Disciplinary Action @

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Date Released:  2022-01-12
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Apprentice Basinger has been summoned for punishment. This fresh-faced, blond boy is a new recruit to the Masons and has already caught the eye of his superiors. Master Legrand has established his credentials by seducing him thoroughly, but the boy is still a virgin - and the responsibility of making him a man has fallen on the shoulders of the mustachioed Master Cox.

Sexy Master Fantana will prepare the peg bench with a series of enormous rubber and plastic dildos. It's expected that the young apprentice will show his faithfulness by enduring extreme discomfort before he passes into manhood.

Fantana will undress the trembling boy and rub oils seductively into his lithe, young body. Apprentice Basinger will lube up the pegs with the same oil before sitting on them in turn. The pegs will get larger and the pain will be excruciating for a tight virgin ass. Fantana will be on hand to push down on the young boy's shoulders to ensure the pegs go all the way in.

Young Basinger will, no doubt, get as far as he can. He'll have performed impressively, but he has limits and will appreciate that he must be punished for his shortcomings.

Master Fantana will lift the boy's legs in the air while Master Cox stands, unbuckles his belt and unzips his pants. Moments later, Cox will push his hard, 9-inch penis deep into the boy's chaste hole. The boy will moan, first in pain, but then in intense rapture. Within seconds he will understand his position and purpose.

Fantana will then take his turn and, after exploring every inch of the boy's available internal passageways, will explode, hard, inside him.

Master Cox will follow suit. The boy will never have felt such pleasure. He will pant, gasp and plead for more.

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