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This is Stash's first full-on sex scene. I had actually planned on putting Stash with a dude that would be way into his "twink" factor, but the model dropped off the map.

Teo was available, and I did worry a bit about putting these two guys together. Teo is straight, but seems to be able to work up some muscle worship during these videos. I think mainly cuz most his buds are prety hard core gym goers.

Little did I know that he would be way into someone he could pick up and carry around! The two of them really hit it off. Teo can create energy in practically any situation.

This is a flip-flp video and both are into bottoming and topping and it's hot to see both of them go at it. Complete with some genuine kissing!

The cumshot goes in the top ten of the site as Teo fucks Stash right up to the edge, pulls out then after a little foreskin flinging, he dumps his load all over Stash's cock, which immediately begins to squirt from Teo's coating.

A bit of a long download, but as always on these longer videos, it is totally worth the wait.

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Stash (ChaosMen) – sucking
Stash (ChaosMen) – sucking